Maroon Softball Club (MSC) is a non-profit softball organization that competes in some of the most prestigious tournaments in Iowa and the Midwest. Our teams are comprised of some of the most talented players in the Des Moines and surrounding areas.


The following are the guidelines and principles of the Maroon Softball Club

  • MSC Softball participation is for the Dowling bound softball player.
  • MSC Softball participation is NOT a requirement for participation at Dowling. It is voluntary.
  • MSC Softball participation should be fun. While MSC teams are expected to be competitive, it is NOT to develop into a "win at all costs" mentality.
  • MSC Softball participation costs should be kept as low as possible. Travel, equipment and uniform costs should be limited. This will enable more student-athletes to participate. Families should not be eliminated due to costs.
  • MSC team participation should be based upon the camp and a try-out system. We should try to have as many teams as we can find coaches for. If there are those who are not selected and cannot be placed on a team, they should be encouraged to participate the following season. A waiting list should always be maintained.
  • MSC is not an equal play athletic situation. All playing time is to be earned. Playing time is determined by the coaches. It is expected that all coaches will play everyone as much as possible.
  • All MSC teams are responsible for team insurance and equipment.
  • Each MSC team will have 2-3 coaches and a team parent.
  • Each MSC team is expected to file a roster with the chair of the MSC Board of Directors. Any roster changes must be cleared through the Advisory Committee.
  • The MSC Board is the final destination for any problems that cannot be solved at the team level. Decisions rendered by the Board are final.
  • Each MSC team is expected to have a pre-season meeting and hold an end of season team activity.
  • Each MSC coach is strongly encouraged to write up an evaluation for each player on his team. A copy is to be given to the player and one is to be kept on file with the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will collect all evaluations and forward them to the Dowling Varsity staff.
  • MSC teams and players will be made up on an annual basis. Participation on a team one season does NOT guarantee the player will play on that team for the remaining portion of their MSC years.